?> Week of May 14th | LMS Orchestra

Practice Slip Due:

Week of May 14th

LMS Orchestras

Practice slips are due Monday, 5/14 (100 minutes.) Interim reports go out this week for those students with a D or an F in any class.

Extra credit concerts:

5/21: Nanette Erickson and Sunny Hu, PHS Seniors, doing a Senior recital at 7:00 pm at St. James Episcopal Church.

6th graders: 5/24: 7th and 8th grade Bands and Orchestras, 7:30 pm, LMS Gym

There is a half day this Wednesday, 5/16, with odd class periods. 7th graders should bring their instruments, but 8th graders are testing that morning so they don’t need to bring instruments. 6th graders also don’t need to bring instruments on Wednesday, as they are an even class period.

7th and 8th graders: we will have 2 extra rehearsals with the 8th grade Band in preparation for our concert on 5/24. We will rehearse from 3:00-3:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5/22 and 5/23 in the Commons. Students may put the time spent in these rehearsals on their practice slips.

PHS Orchestras

Congratulations to all students on a fantastic concert last week! I was very proud of all performances. And, thank you Seniors for the thoughtful gifts. You will be missed!

Practice slips are due Monday, 5/14 (150 minutes.)

Silverwood trip: we will leave Thursday, 5/17 at 8:45 am from PHS and return to PHS by 6:30 pm. Students, be sure to wear your PHS Orchestra shirt or any other PHS shirt (or blue/grey if you don’t have a PHS shirt.) Please also bring a folding music stand, money for food and souvenirs (if desired) and extra clothes/towel. Right now the forecast doesn’t look great, with thunderstorms predicted. Hopefully that will change!

We will not have zero period on Friday, 5/18.