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  • Practice Slip Due:

    About the Teacher

    NAME: Mrs. Covill
    SCHOOL: I teach at LMS and PHS
    CLASS: 6th-12th grade Orchestra
    SCHOOL PHONE: 334-3411 ext. 369

    I have been the orchestra teacher in Pullman for the past 20 years. I
    really enjoy my job and appreciate the great students I get to work with
    every day.

    Outside of school, I enjoy reading, cooking, playing with my kids, and I
    have been known to make a quilt every now and then.

    Mission For The Classes

    I want the students who take Orchestra in Pullman to have a lot of fun
    making music, to learn about music and working with others, and to
    take with them the capacity to continue doing music for the rest of their
    lives. We’ll also present some pretty awesome concerts this year.

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